Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Son Hates Hamilton but Loves Puerto Rico


Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about his Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, like writing and recording “Almost Like Praying,” and recalls the…


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  1. Thank you Lin. Also, thank you for the message in the shirt. I don't think the world is aware on what's going on right now in Catalonia, so thank you for showing your concern <3

  2. He probably won’t see this but this man deserves such a big thank you. My family in PR aren’t doing so well either but for what he’s doing is truly inspirational

  3. Please stop whining about government response. It is not about money..its about shitty existing infrastructure and lack of trained human resources. Just dumping 20 million on the island won't turn the power on tomorrow.

  4. @jimmyfallon you should invite Elon Musk , he build a school with the solar panel on the roof. If i have my facts correct. Love you and your show make me laugh every day and i miss the # you used to make they were hilarious

  5. I think Lin is such an incredible person. He’s so talented and he can do so much for this world. I’m a fan of him, Hamilton, his tweets, and all he is doing.

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