Climate Change Is Even Affecting The World Series


The 2017 World Series features the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros going to head-to-head . . . in the debate over climate change. Subscribe…


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  1. "it's 45 degrees outside my Florida house right now, what is this global warming thing we keep hearing about?" Is what dicktator Donald Trump would say. Seriously weird shit going on. it's colder here than in the northeast

  2. Look at all these Celsius-users wanking to their "superior" unit of temperature on a US-based YouTube channel for a US-based show featuring a US-dominant sport.

  3. We are all born a sink of energy, that is, we take and take and take, until one day we have had enough taking, and we start to give back. When we turn from sink to source, that is when we blossom. When our ability to give becomes paramount to our lives, that is when we become a true source of energy, and enlightenment. The goal is to be this person, not only with those you deeply love, but with those you don't even know.

    Every day, our essential purpose, is to feed ourselves, food, water, sunshine, and PURPOSE….we have to go out, into the world, and GATHER THESE THINGS, and use them to create the life we want to have. If we want peace, we have to make peace. There is nothing, but the eternal fight, to create a world, that is essentially, UNNATURAL. We are fighting the chaos of the Universe itself, that is why we NEED to know our enemy, we need to know the TRUE sources of our ultimate demise. Without truth, we will tumble into the rabbit hole of false hopes, and false dreams. Truth is the only way forward.

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