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  1. The Physicians Formula Eye Booster is a great eyeliner. You wouldn't think it's from the drugstore because it totally stands up to or exceeds more expensive options.

  2. About a billion years ago (okay, just 8), Olay's Quench lotion came in a purple bottle and was kind of shimmery? I am mortified to tell you that I just dug in my closet and found mine, and having compared the ingredient list, it doesn't look like it has changed since then.

    Our family has used a ton of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion in the white bottle. The formulation has changed over the years, but it is still an A+ product. Also, I think Eucerin has an amazing baby eczema cream that I tried a while back. VERY rich and creamy.

  3. Rituals rice milk and cherry blossom body cream is what i go for when i need extra moisture and pamparing. Love it, smells divine, hydrates instantly, feels silky and rich but absorbs into your skin pretty fast. Hope you like it if you decide to try it out, xo-s

  4. Jen, is the Clinique moisturizing lotion safe to use during pregnancy? Can you do a video of the facial lotion/cleanser/makeup that you use during your pregnancy (considered pregnancy safe)? Thank you.

  5. Have you tried the Clarins Multi – Active Night Cream? I just moved to a really dry climate and I'm loving this stuff. It has a nice soft lavender scent and it's very rich in texture. My skin looks happier than ever despite the dry climate ?

  6. Definitely not crazy! I agree about the Stila eyeliner. I'm not enjoying it myself. It no longer applies the way it used to. I thought it was just me/the eyeliner I purchased. Glad to hear! Xoxo, Amy ?

  7. Hi Jen, you may try add body butter to your body cream to add richness, find organic range. Argan oil for skin can be used by mix them with our day / night cream. Check out Brand from New Zealand, Antipodes. Hope this helps you.

    Thanks, Shukri

  8. I love alaffia coconut body moisturizer and add/mix in oils to it (argan, jojoba, etc) all over, and I use Josie Maran body butter in areas that are sensitive or dry

  9. Eyeliner-wise: Actually I am a gel eyelinee type because I have so oily skin and nothing stays i place. But my sister introduced me the Clio Kill Black WP Brush Liner ist is does a pretty good job!

  10. Love all of your videos!! As a fellow monolider, I have tried SO many eyeliners but the only one that stays put is MAC Liquidlast. Have you tried it? I haven't found any eyeliner that has even come close to Liquidlast's performance!

  11. You have so many beauty products! How do you get to use it all? I mean, do you rotate them? Do you not use all of them? Also your hair looks marvelous. Does it take long to do the look and do you do it everyday? I'm curious how much maintenance it is! PS I didn't notice the music till I started reading the other comments!

    I liked the Stilla eyeliner and used it quite a bit 2 years ago. But I also have oily skin and find that it doesn't last even if I use a primer. I agree that it dries up fast compared to the Japanese brand I'm now using. Liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner don't work on me due to my hooded eyelids i have and the oily skin on my eyelids. Liquid is wonderful for me; I now use K-Palette's 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner in super black. Lasts a whole day when I'm at work in the office and also the pen last some months.

    I also wear false eyelashes. I've tried several different Japanese and Korean brands and also the American/western types. I didn't like the black colour but I currently use a Japanese brand called Koji Strong fix; I just like the way it's packaged; like a mascara with a small brush that makes application easy and it stays on the whole day. Unlike Ardell where you have to squeeze out the glue, I used to always end up wasting it (and it didn't smell nice either).

    By the way, I'm Asian Chinese, similar fair skin to you but I have way more acne scars and my complexion is a bit more blotchy.

  12. hi jen…luv ur videos…i cut my hair after gettig inspired by ur new hairstyle..n i luv ur curls…i have straight hair n want to try the curls…could u do ur current curly hairstyle tutorial..

  13. I think I've tried almost every black liquid liner pen in Sephora and my favorite is, hands down, no competition, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. The brush pen is so amazing and the formula lasts >24 hours for me despite having oily lids.

  14. my favorite body moisturizer is the mountain ocean skin trip lotion, it's made in colorado and it's for really dry skin, but it's very lightweight! plus it smells like a coconut macaroon ?

  15. You should try the Aveeno body lotion in the lavender scent! It's my all time favorite and I've been using it for years! I personally see a huge difference when I use it; makes my ashy/dry skin look and feel moisturizers within a day or two!

  16. I've had the same experience with the black Stila liner! I tried it out twice and both times… Watery mess. I don't think it's a recent thing, since I tried it back in 2015. But I've used (and repurchased multiple times) the dark brown one and that one is consistently opaque!

  17. I would recommend cetaphil!!! The face/body lotion. OMG, it is amazing. Not sure if it works for everyone, but definitely works out great on me! Not super greasy but do hydrate my skin under extreme weather like in west texas?? and the price is super lovely as well! 100% Recommend!

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