Gretchen Carlson Sees A Cultural Shift On Sexual Harassment


‘Be Fierce:: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back’ author Gretchen Carlson is trying to use her experience at Fox News to inform other women…


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  1. Its hard to feel sorry for a "woman" that willingly converse racist, lies, and opinions as News for years on a shit show call Fox-news.*

    Also some women do lie about getting rape or being assaulted for money , the problem is when a women come forward about being rape or assaulted Its not fully investigated or the assaulter can pay to cover it up.*

    On the otherside women need to stop taking the money to stay silent , which allow assaulter to do it to other people.

  2. What an unctuous slime ball she is. It's pretty obvious that this behavior affects both men and women but, as the recent Kit Harrington backpedaling demonstrates, equality is a one way street. I'm simply baffled as to why "progressive" types are so hellbent on silencing one half of the population when it comes to issues like these? What do they possibly have to lose by accepting that men, like Kit, have also been made to feel uncomfortable through comments made to them of a sexual nature? My only guess is that an even more deep seated sexism is clouding their minds, or the minds of their target market, than the one they purport to be against.

  3. The only thing I don't agree with is the fact that people DO lie about it, I have no idea how common it is or even if it's not that likely it still happens. They DO do it for attention or something else as part of mental problems they might have. NO we should never assume they are lying, nor do I think we should assume it is the full truth. This is why we have the Justice system.

    Also, fuck right off, I do not believe she did this "for all the women of the world" She did it because she wanted revenge/justice for herself and good on her, but don't give me the bullshit that you were thinking about everyone else at that moment.

  4. It's funny, in the Southern African country I live a big story just broke of a sports minister accused of the same things as Harvey, more and more women are coming forward, the funny thing is he looks exactly like Harvey, two peas. Structure functions.

  5. Gretchen and Megyn Kelly are responsible for the death of thousands US soldiers in Iraq as part of the Fox propaganda machine back in those days. Why should we even remotely care about their boss saying some naughty things to them.

  6. How about not trading your silence for 32 million and go for a public takedown instead? Wouldn't that do more for the movement, for which you give yourself so much credit ?

  7. All of these guys who have been outed are two-bit players. Women (and men) will continue to be treated like property by the ultra rich, and for the most part we’ll never hear those stories.

  8. Since leaving FOX she looks kinda like a real human again.
    She just doesn't look like she's in a constant state of being crushed.
    However, the reason we know her name today is that she spent years and years, spreading lies, hate, intolerance, bigotry, racism and yes, even sexism.
    Being molested by Ailes aside, she did that willingly, for personal gain, for over a decade, while knowing the wrong in what she was doing.
    She got rich and famous by spreading evil to countless millions.
    Now she's rich, she wants to be loved and rich.
    I won't complain about someone who's decided to fight for women's rights,
    but I'll never be able to feel sorry for her. She took the easy way out and did irreversible damage to the world in the process.

  9. She manipulated the public egregiously for years. Her doing one right thing now is enough for me to give her credit for doing one right thing. No more than that.

  10. she was a total coward for not ' speaking out' about what happened at Fox. oh, but please go on and tell every woman out there to speak out just like you ' did'. we deserve what happens to us all i guess. we're totally screwed.

  11. I applaud her for her tenacity and bravery, however I just couldn't help but think some of her answers felt like a beauty pageant answers, but I'm sure the smiling and political correctness is just that, having been in the news biz. She gave very intelligent and poignant answeres, don't get me wrong, but it felt rehearsed. I mean she even does the the thumb thing when she talks like a politician. The girl power in me just wishes she would have been more "real"
    I mean so many people in the world were wanting to hear from her and she had a really great opportunity but instead it felt like she was running for congress.

  12. Just because she's a divisive cunt who has proudly spewed demonstrable lies in the interest of partisan politics doesn't mean she wasn't a victim. She sucks as a human being, sure. But nothing makes what happened to her, and happens to women on all sides of the isle, and all walks of life, acceptable. I for one am very sorry she had to endure what she did.

  13. Think about it, for just one second. Imagine, if we swapped the budgets of NASA, and the DOD…just imagine. 500 Billion for NASA….and 5 Billion for the DOD…we would probably be SAFER because we wouldn't even have enemies, we would have mutual cooperation around the world, because we would have no other choice.
    What we sacrifice for war (we would still have more than enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world over,) we can invest in our society. Imagine where we would be since the Space Race of the 1970's….500 billion x 40 years = 20 trillion dollars in space technology. That would mean we could colonize, not only Mars itself, but possibly the entire Solar System.
    Think about that. Think about what we have sacrificed in real terms in order to have weapons of war. We sacrificed our entire future, our entire way of life…and we will be left with nothing but the increased means to kill more humans. Why are we addicted to killing humans? Why do we spend so much money dropping bombs and killing people? What is our problem?

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