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https://www.expedia.com/explore/south-korea/seoul.d178308 Chào mừng bạn đến với Seoul, thủ đô của Hàn Quốc. Bắt đầu cuộc phiêu lưu của bạn tại Trung tâm K-Style, …


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  1. Yes. I had to book a low budget hotel for 8 hour for 72 dollars American dollars which was a prostitution hotel. Then I had to leave there $220 American dllr, in the slums. My vacation was in the slums. Plus $210 for a car when all we was suppose to do was pick the car up. The food came out at $300 AMERICAN DOLLARS. I WAS PROMISED ALL THIS FROM EXPEDIA. WE WAS LEFT HOMELESS DRIVING AROUND IN THE LATE NIGHT LOOKING FOR A HOTEL. THE LADY AT ONE HOTEL WHICH WAS FULL WARNED US TO NOT SLEEP IN THE CAR. SO A FEW OURS LATET I PARKED BY A POLICE STATION DOWN THE BLOCK SO THE DIDN'T NOTICE US. THEY LEFT US HOMELESD DOWN THERE AND DIDN'T CARE.Same here. The hotel asked for a $300 check in plus $300 a day. I had to sleep outside in my car in Dominican republic in a dangerous neighborhood. Expedia left us abandoned and for dead.This guy tried to rob me for $40 US dollars at the airport in Santo domingo.

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