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Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Tôi kéo tất cả các hiệu thuốc goodies 2 tuần trước đây và đó là những gì tôi nghĩ về họ! Cảm ơn đã xem! Tôi hi vọng bạn…


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  1. @ everyone getting concerned about Kathleen getting sick a lot: she's open about her anxiety, and mental health conditions (especially stuff like anxiety) can reduce your immune system so you get sick more often. I have anxiety and OCD among other things and I definitely get sick more often when they're worse, but generally it's nothing to worry about. Idk basically I know everyone is concerned but we should let her get on with her life without harassing her about her wellbeing on every single video where she says she's not feeling great

  2. Is the Nyx Honey Dew Me Up okay for combination skin?? I had it in my hand at ULTA yesterday & ultimately put it back, not knowing anything about it…

  3. ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE CRUELTY FREE!! woow awesome! kathleen, was that intentional? I hope so youre so cool 😀 (ps nyx is owned by a not cruelty free parent company and idk anything about flower zoom)

  4. essence does make more colors for the brow product.. And you have the darkest shade actually.. ? but there are two other ones lighter than that one.

  5. Can you make a video where you talk about how to pick out your foundation and concealer because I'm new to this makeup thing and I've been having trouble with this.

  6. The Olay BB Cream is really good especially for my dry skin. I've also tried another bloggers suggestion of powder before foundation/BB/CC ……. worked brilliantly on my dry skin,def longer lasting???? have u tried it?? xx

  7. The organic wear BB cream is nice but a little thick for me. I was wondering if there was something I could add or mix with it to help thin it out. Any recommendations?

  8. i have that sonia kashuk concealer in the same color! and when i was first using it i kind of wrote it off because i thought it was too tacky and it would look a little too cakey for my liking but then i used it as a last resort a couple weeks ago and just blended the hell out of it and it looked so good !! it kept for like the whole day (though that might be because i used my fav setting spray – urban decay all nighter) anyways i realllllly love that and ive been using it for ages now

  9. You urged me to try nyx honey dew me up primer and it really is a drink of water for my skin, I love it so much. My skin is very dry and is also sensitive and for the first time ever I love the dewy look. I feel like the Maybelline fit me powder doesn't cover as much as I would like but the lo real (I forgot ze name) it's very similar to Neutrogena healthy skin powder and it's great for going over a dewy look to take away a little of the shine & very natural combo! I also tried the butter bronzer and I love it so much, haha I can't open it without smelling it first! I'm still waiting for pinktastic and sweet retreat to be back in stock to buy but I'm so excited to try them. Thank you so much for these great product ideas ? I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting but you've helped by face.

  10. Maybe it's just me and who I subscribe to but you're basically the only YouTuber who I've come across that constantly puts up drugstore content and it's so niceeeeeee because I find it considerate for me and my bank ??

  11. I want to get the essence gimmi brow in blonde! I believe your review I'm def getting it! also I enjoy the nyx dew honey primer it's unique and I haven't used in a while but I'm going to break it back out! lol

  12. I use "royal lashed out" eye brow gel in blonde and "essence" make me brow in 01 blondy, and I love the look it gives.. it is quiet a darker look than ud think with them been blondes. so it u don't have really dark hair try this combo A*

  13. Hi Kathleen!

    Just to let you know that the Essence 'Make Me Brow' does come in other shades! As I recently purchased the medium brown shade! Which is one lighter than the one you have! It also comes in blonde! P.S love your videos! Keep doing what you do! ?

  14. YOUR BROWS??? They suit your face beautifully! Your videos helps me get better and become more confident with wearing makeup, thank you Kathleen❤

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