Sean Hayes Reveals His Health Scare to Ellen


Actor Sean Hayes told Ellen all about his recent health scare, but he proved that laughter was the best medicine.


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  1. I hate Ellen. for years I told here about the annual dog meat fest in China and never helps. she doesn't care when it's inconvenient for her. Ellen has money but doesn't get involved with people buying dogs for meat because she has her products made there. just a fyi!

  2. How very interesting that as soon as lawsuits began against MGM, Campos disappears for 5 days (practicing the new narrative) And the sheriff tearfully comes out and says "Hey nope nope we were notified within 40 seconds not 6 minutes guys ok" then instead of talking to 6 different journalists on different networks as scheduled Friday, Campos sits with his handler and talks to…thats right folks- ELLEN FUCKING DEGENERATE. They're not even trying anymore.

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