The Voice 2017 – Kelly Clarkson on The Voice (Digital Exclusive)


Kelly Clarkson drops by to advise the artists as they prepare for knockouts. » Get The Voice Official App: »…


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  1. Please Everyone! Stop all the Miley and Kelly issued…it's past! And Kelly cleared that up in an interview back then that it's not Miley she's talking about. Miley is not the only one who performed in such a 'you know' performance, there are so many artist who made such a 'unexpectable performance' during VMA. Both Miley and Kelly are amazing and stop all of this awkwardness nonsense. The social media only want to make a scene by letting people think that Kelly was talking about someone or specific person on her comment back then.

  2. Lmao Kelly has dissed Miley so many times I wonder how this is gonna play out. That's why u shouldn't diss someone over the Internet cause when u meet them in real life it's awkward Af and Miley knows ????

  3. Kelly is great. Fun, spontaneous. It's going to be a really nice time to watch with her, Blake, Adam and Alicia. Kelly and Blake are great friends, it's going to be very funny, the two of them interacting, implying one another.

  4. Love her! Amazing positive energy.. such a great personality ❤️ N there is no word to describe her songs.. I think we all agree to that.. ❤️

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