Trick-or-Treat (Jon Hamm) – SNL


Jeff Montgomery (Will Forte) sử dụng Halloween như một cách để gặp người hàng xóm (Jon Hamm). #SNL #SNLHalloween #AnyQuestions? Nhận thêm SNL: …


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  1. This is the only really good SNL skit we’ve seen in a long time lol, and we don’t even see any of the regular SNL cast cuz most of them suck right now lol

  2. Maybe I am too sensitive or something, did not find this funny in the least. Like the courtroom trials where the student and teacher have an affair. doesn't really do anything for me. but i appreciate the satire

  3. Kind of distasteful considering the amount of people coming forward about being legitimately sexually assaulted. Even if this wasn't such an issue right now, using the topic as a joke is still messed up.

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