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Lấy một ít bỏng ngô – Rất nhiều miếng ngon về Marko! Kiểm tra các kênh cá nhân mới của chúng tôi: http://bit.ly/MarkoVlogs & kênh của Alex: …


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  1. You are the coolest person ever! As a recent college grad, I'm so inspired by you and your brother to pursue my passions and just trust my instincts on what I want to do/learn.

  2. Yes! I read Cannery Row when I was 16 and it changed my view of the world and of literature. I read Travels with Charley later on and it was also goooood. Thanks for all your inspiring videos! And thank you for sharing your reason behind traveling and sharing your travels.

  3. Fun fact #51 Linda sonrisa (a pesar del diente roto >.<) …You guys are doing a great job with your channels! keep going! y buena suerte con el libro!

  4. I love Jack Kerouac too! I've also seen that video of him. The Beat Generation specifically Kerouac and Ginsberg actually made me interested in travel. I love that you're an old soul too! You seem like an awesome person by the way.

  5. You seem to be a very likable person, Marko. I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and am now watching back some of the old videos. Greetings from Germany!

  6. Crazy how I can relate to you…
    that's the beauty of YouTube, to discover great people you would probably have never met in real life !
    thanks for the videos 😉

  7. My high school anatomy teacher had a biking accident on a trail similar to yours! His shirt got caught in his wheel and he had one of those bikes where your feet strap into the pedals. He went skidding a few feet and was stuck for about half an hour with a handlebar lodged into his helmet. When he got up, his right nipple was completely gone. It took a few years to grow back but now we know that nipples can do that which is pretty cool

  8. Just came across your channel and found it so inspiring! Aspiring to travel the world like the both of you! Would be an amazing to meet you guys and pick your brains! thank you!

  9. You're adorable! Let us know when you're coming back to Argentina ?? más videos en español y castellano rioplatense ? I want to read that guide!! Saludos!!!

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