Julianne Moore bắt tay với Matt Damon và ngọn đuốc Ping Pong


Ngôi sao của Suburbicon, Julianne Moore trêu chọc một cảnh trong bộ phim sắp tới của cô liên quan đến cả một diễn viên A-list và một bộ thiết bị bóng bàn …


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  1. When a woman is on everybody is talking about a) if and how much or how little she has aged and b) how she is looking (sexy or not, ect.)
    What a deeply sexist society!!
    Can we focus just for a moment on her personality, her accomplishments and maybe even on what she has to say ?!

  2. The trailers kinda made this seem like a twisted comedy of sorts. But it turned out to be extremely violent and dark. Nothing funny at all. That trailer editing was deceptive. I really didn't expect what I saw in suburbicon. Great movie though. Well worth the ticket price.

  3. Charlie Brooker dubbed Sarah Palin a 'gateway idiot' – she got Republican voters hooked on stupidity, so making it easier for them to elect Trump. 🙁

  4. How many budding starlets does she have to drain of their beauty a day, like the Queen in 'The Huntsman', to stay that stunning?
    I mean she's a redhead.. so we know she's evil.. and every freckle on a redhead is a soul they've eaten… But I'd like to know the actual number.

  5. "I only know a little bit of German, but my German is very bad." – actually it's pretty good and so impressive that she still remembers ☺️

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