Matt Damon Plays ‘Pitch, Please’ for Charity


Matt Damon was in for quite the surprise as he blindly sold a product that Jimmy Kimmel would (probably) approve of.


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  1. Why are we still raising this much money for breast cancer research? Either these organizations aren't spending their donations correctly or they have enough money to research breast cancer for the next 100 years. We need to begin donating more to other types of cancer research like lungs, prostate, or colorectal cancer (3 of the 4 most common cancers), or other medical research alotgether. I am all for breast cancer research, but they don't need donations anymore.

  2. Ellen you spread genuine love to everyone that watches you're show. You're such a great example of how we need to forget what divides us and focus on the things that brings up together like you amazingly funny jokes!!! Lots of love

  3. Ellen: What did your wife think about the product ?
    Matt: She called me from work and said “It was hella of a product.”
    Me: Starts dying ??

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