Người quấy rối trong ngày: Tổng thống George H.W. Bush


Stephen hợp tác với anh hùng mới nhất của Mỹ để trở thành người nhận những cáo buộc về hành vi phạm tội tình dục. Lần này, nó là cựu Tổng thống George H.W. Bush.


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  1. Bush was from an era where women were treated like property. It isn’t surprising that someone from that era would think it’s totally not offensive to pat a girl on the butt. I can imagine the billions of similar stories that women have who had similar encounters from men who grew up in that era.

  2. I've had older women grab me "inappropriately" and I don't cry about it and sue them for sexual harassment / assault. Why? Because I don't give a fuck and brush off what really dosn't matter all that much. Shocked me, but I didn't feel fucking violated. Some people round here need to grow the fuck up, shit happens a lot you might not like but it's not going to scare you for life and leave you with PTSD because someone patted your ass, grabbed your side or whatever. [EDIT: Get the fuck over it.]

    Again I've had women and older women do this to me, but it didn't send me into crying fits of pure anxiety because I'm not a special little snow flake.

  3. Feminists are destroying America . Can't Men be themselves anymore ? This is what is wrong with America . Too much political correctness and FemiNazis gone wild . The ultimate aim of Liberals ,Feminists and beta males is to demasculinize society itself and to impose their gay and femiNazi agenda on the rest of us . # MAGA"

  4. Fun fact: there is literally no woman on earth who wants to be groped by a 93 year old zombie. There’s nothing “good natured” or funny about it and I’m a little disappointed in Stephen for making light of sexual harassment.

  5. How many people are currently locked up for groping? thousands? Bush admits sexual assault and everyone just brushes it off. Shows US laws are not worth the paper they were written on and most Americans are celebrity worshipping lapdogs who have no problem elevating certain people above the law, while bragging about being the greatest country in the world.

  6. So what i am understanding from this is that it is okay to grope women?
    What a terrible segment.
    Why tf do people like any of the American presidents? Have they actually made a positive impact on the world?

  7. Look; to the hardliners for feminism in the crowd: what the people who dismiss HW's behaviour really mean is that there needs to be a line drawn somewhere as to what is too little to get into major shit for. I think in that situation, if one of the women had slapped him in return or complained in a way that embarrassed him, that would be totally fair. We agree it's wrong, but we also agree not to reprimand someone over it years in the future – just like you wouldn't recklessly shame someone for having shoplifted something once or getting a DUI.
    People don't wanna have to be paranoid about a witch hunt of 'sexual predators' to include everyone who was a bit too touchy feely. Truth is most people give consent to sexual advances non-explicitly so there needs to be at least a little bit of grey area.

  8. I can't believe how these people in the public eye can so massively screw up a simple apology. The phrase "to anyone who was offended" tells the world that the person "apologizing" is only doing so because their publicist told them to. Here's what they're actually saying: "To anyone who was offended, I guess I have to make believe that your snowflake feelings matter and offer this (bogus) apology, though normal people like me see no reason for an apology." You don't qualify an apology! Either you admit that something you did was wrong or you don't. You don't apologize to one sub-group while ignoring the others.

  9. I wonder what Stephen would say if George H.W. Bush (or Trump) groped
    his wife or daughter… What a lovely old fella, right? Stephen, please use your brain
    before you open your mouth. If Trump does stuff like that it's
    disgusting but when H.W. Bush does it he is a lovley old man? That was a
    disturbing segment. That tells me a lot about Stephen's character.

  10. how are you so dismissive about a serious issue like this? remember the time donald trump grabbed women by their private parts and you roasted the hell out of him? isn't it hypocritical of you just to let this one slide like it's not a big deal?

  11. As an adult woman, I never knew a man touching a non-girlfriend’s butt could ever be received as “friendly and innocent” instead of “take your fucking hand off me or I’ll chop it off for you, you’re welcome” until now. Oh silly me.

  12. I don't get it, why are people in the comment section saying stuff replying to comments like "your butt doesn't belongs to you" if someone says they will be weirded out if some stranger touched their butt, its not about just women who wouldn't feel awkward if some person just randomly touched their butt.

  13. I wish you people would look something up before trying to destroy a great man’s reputation. The medication given to patients with the disease he has makes you hyper sexual. Please understand that he’s an old man on medication.

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