Niall Horan ngạc nhiên với các fan của mình


Những người hâm mộ Niall Horan có được sự ngạc nhiên của cả cuộc đời khi ca sĩ "Too Much to Ask" dừng lại để cho họ album mới.


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  1. Ellen couldn't find a better deserving real 'fan'? I mean most of us like him for his music, the way he treat his fans & of course his look is a bonus. His music resonate with some of our experiences & we could relate giving us joy. I thought I was in 2012-13 era watching this video. Cringy!!

  2. Hi Elen I live in England and I love you sooooooooo much I am 11 years old and I watch you every day I live in a small house and has a really tough time we do not have a lot of money and you make me go through these tough time by smiling and making me laugh thankyou so much for everything I really want to got to your show one day

  3. I'm sorry but if you're being interviewed for a show and you're all his fans, there's a high probability he will surprise you. I don't know why these girls didn't see that coming. ???

  4. This was so sweet! What a lovely video and great idea – I actually just posted a small cover of Niall's song "Too Much To Ask". If anyone's interested, I could really use some feedback. Have a nice day 🙂

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