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Cách duy nhất Donald Trump có thể đã nhìn thấy crazier tại presser thứ ba là nếu ông đang đặt câu hỏi từ một đám mây. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. 2'30" : why did the ring finger got censored?! Or worst wasn't it the pinky? Isn't that bullshit?! Isn't that why a bull shitting clown gets to be the president of a nation?

  2. POTUS literally telling the press "I´m a very nice and intelligent person!"

    Narcissistic personality disorder with a antisocial pd comorbidity.

    Apart from a disordered ahole the guy is senile. I give him 6 more months before being removed.

  3. Just get rid of your co-host … he just seems like a mic’ed up heckler laughing in the background. They should at least turn the camera on him like Conan does with Andy.

  4. They have called him unfit for office and yet Drumpf hasn't been impeached/removed from the nuclear codes and trigger, opposite to that he still is in office and ready to unload a nuclear strike on North Korea, wow, political impunity in USA is unbelievable

  5. How can anyone believe this loser on anything? His story of his inauguration includes the claim that the rain stopped just as he came to the podium, but if you watched it – that's when the rain STARTED! The Chief Justice (or perhaps the Chaplain) even said that rain is seen as a sign of blessing, and it has just started raining.

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