Trump Has Now Been Interviewed On Fox News 19 Times


Donald Trump has proven that there’s one network he trusts to give him softball questions. Again and again and again and again and again and…


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  1. A two man company is supposed to fix Puerto Rico? Yeah. Trump's administration is dealing with this desaster better than any other administration ever on the planet. And space. Nobody in the milky way has dealt with the hurricane better than Whitefish.

  2. Fox news slobs all over his knob, it's terrible.
    NBC, and CNN (and this "comedian") are so far up Hillary's ass they can taste her tonsils, but that's just fine.

  3. Isn't obvious he sits down with serious people while the Obama Clinton machine shows up on the Comedy hour after most go to bed. When it comes to balls Colbert you would know about balls those shriveled up mini raisins of yours, you lick constantly,

  4. Is Lou Dobbs utterly mad? That is nauseous …… where do ALL the idiotic, morons creep out from? Jeez – PLEASE GET RID OF THESE DISGUSTING THINGS – I refuse to call them people/humans.

  5. That interview sounded like two self-centered gay guys that their ego is so big that they say comments about each other as foreplay. "Just kiss damn it!!"

  6. Stephen Queerbert makes a living based on his dark desires to hold Trumps member in his mouth until the swelling goes down. Most liberals also dream of this day.

  7. i think fox just employed their best interviewer for trump, he should be named "kiss ,suck and blow that orange ass" for the rest of his life.. honestly he is just the best so far , if ass kissing has a grade: i would give him an A+

  8. Lou Dobbs has lost all credibility as a journalist. Trump hasn't done any major legislation, but he fix his mouth to say he's done more than the previous President, how foolish can you be. Obama's accomplishments has to be maligned to make the new President feel good.

  9. You seriously need to be more entertaining. All your focus has been on Trump. Starting to think you have a crush on him. Thankfully there are more shows

  10. What's funny is the other news company's are still blowing Killary but none of you liberal sheep mind that. What's funny is that Stephen is trying to ignore the fact that him and all the mainstream news outlets have been lying to all you for the past year. When is Stephen gonna admit the whole Russia story was bought and paid for by Satan's lover?

  11. This is BY FAR the most corrupt administration in history. Remember when inbred Trump supporters chanted "drain the swamp"? LOL. Everyone Trump hires is a corporate sleaze with zero experience. Mueller will send these Russian pawns to jail, but the damage they've done to America should be punishable by death. That's what traitors deserve.

  12. Coward! In the meantime Hilderbeast is paying for fake dossiers, selling off the country, being a hypocrite a corrupt and filthy politician and not a pip from you. Dobbs interview is NOTHING on the job you did on Hillary.

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