Bán nô kỷ NORDSTROM HAUL || Jen Chae


Tôi yêu những món ngon mà tôi nhặt được từ Bán kỉ niệm Nordstrom năm nay! Hãy cho tôi biết nếu bạn đã nhận bất cứ điều gì quá trong các ý kiến! ; D __…


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  1. Girl I feel you with being tiny. I'm 5'0" and a 100lbs. I have the smallest ankles and narrow tiny feet. I wear a 4 or 41/2 in shoes. I get kids shoes which are surprisingly chic but it's impossible for me to find heels.

  2. I was SEXUALLY HARASSED at Nordstrom. I haven't received justice. Please share my story so it can help those still going through something like this. ?? video on my channel

  3. I got the exact same leopard print heel! I've never been attracted to leopard print before but there was just something about those shoes when I put them on– I saw at least two other ladies snatching up the same shoes just during the short time I was at Nordstrom, so it must be a well done shoe indeed.

  4. They only thing I didn't like was that you didn't say how much each item was and have a grand total in the end to see how much you felt you saved.

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