Đó là Quay lại: 'The Wiggle Halloween' Ft. Run the Jewels


Truyền thống lâu đời của "The Halloween Wiggle" của chương trình Late Show với Run The Jewels tiếp tục (lần thứ hai). Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Not funny at all. Vety poor taste to have those women doing those vulgar movements. This is adult material. Also, what about introducing some racial variety? Only whites and African Americans in this program all the time.

  2. Ah the wonderful culture of Hip-Hop, where you can still full your wallet without tryin' to enrich your culture and your mind, so you can still act like a stereotype of an ignorant aggressive misogynistic neanderthal man from the ghetto. It's true that money doesn't make difference!

  3. Cringe as fuck. wasn't funny at all this bit. The rap was shit. Id rather mumble rap. Look at these two geeks.. The white guy looks like hes trying to fit in so bad. Not even a giggle out of me. You guys are dick riders if you like this. Not every bit they write for Stephen is funny. That was horrible content. Are the audience toddlers? Colbert Report was ten times better then this trash ass trash. Lets be for real, they could of done ANYTHING else for Halloween. Now do The Halloween wiggle 🙂

  4. isnt it sad that when i saw the ghost costumes on the thumbnail i immediately thought of those muslim women in burkas? burkas are truly the symbol of suppression against women. and no you dont get to call me Islamophobic. because islam is misogynistic and homophobic so i have full rights to be Islamophobic

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