Jermaine Fowler, người cha mới, đã khóc trong 'Taken'


Có một cô con gái đã làm cho ngôi sao 'Superior Donuts' Jermaine Fowler dễ bị ảnh hưởng bởi các nhà máy nước do Liam Neeson cung cấp. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. "My dad would just tell us DON'T DO THAT and just leave…"
    Omfg, my dad was the same about medical issues. We'd tell him something hurts, or we can't bend our arm or leg a certain way, and he'd just be like, "Well then don't do that". We grew up poor too, so didn't have the money or insurance to get anything short of an actual broken bone or serious infection checked out and treated. I remember having to complain nonstop for days to get them to take me to get what ended up being a pretty advanced ear infection checked out because the pain was so bad. On the flip side, fell and broke my wrist in 2nd grade, and begged them not to take me to the doctor (It didn't hurt after the initial break so little me thought I'd be fine and thought doctors were scary).

  2. Man, Stephen quickly diverted away to another topic when Jermaine revealed they had a conversation about anime… makes you wonder what series or films they were talking about! Also makes you wonder if Stephen is embarrassed about it!

  3. I love when stephen is obviously annoyed. Or just surprised because his guest says something not exactly friendly, he did it all day today is seems… hes been doing a lot of odd mean glares to Jon too haha… am i the only one thinking this? For the past few days he just seems to give subtle… irritated quirks

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