Kelly Clarkson biểu diễn ca khúc 'Love So Soft'


Ngôi sao nhạc pop quốc tế Kelly Clarkson đã lên sân khấu với single mới "Love So Soft".


49 Nhận xét

  1. What an amazing voice and a legend can't wait to see her coach this season on Monday and cant wait to see her coach the voice season 14 with my other favorite singer and also has a great voice and a legend to Alicia keys cant wait to see her coach for the 3rd time on the voice

  2. SHE IS ICONIC. but I am also really excited about this new album! I want and need to hear that E6 Kelly! You can do it, you did for the studio version of this, you Can Do it Live! Go for it even though on record the way it's set up is very difficult to do, so I am waiting for the high note that magical E6. But yes she's killing it!

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