Mỹ hiện có những kẻ phân biệt chủng tộc và những người phân loại ngũ cốc


Stephen đang nghỉ giải lao về chuyện Tổng thống Trump thảo luận về thiết kế hộp ngũ cốc. Đó cũng là phân biệt chủng tộc. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. Anyone who still.deludes themselves by thinking EVERYTHING isn't made by children is a third world country, is just willfully naiive.
    All luxury is.built off the suffering of someone else

  2. Lol Corn Pops…they went out of their way to put the only brown one cleaning up…come on that's definitely racist. The message is clear. If you don't see that then you racist.

  3. I've tried cheap gummibears which stick together and build a homogenous mass overtime. You don't want that shit, and it wouldn't sell (that's why their selling-point is "ass-cheap"). As usual, in the satire there are some smart-ass remarks that are completely unnecessary (with crazy happy-go-lucky remarks in another direction), and the occasional funny rationality. It's often a mixed bag…

  4. They should really rethink what "slave" means. Saying "underpaid" is like slavery is like saying "my parents grounded me so I'm literally now in nazi concentration camp". "Like, omg, literally same thing".

  5. That last part is such a non controversy that has only blown up because Colberts superiors realized they could bank on it, just like every other up-their-own-ass celebrity and godawful tabloid site that has even paid it any attention.
    Nobody actually gives a shit except for the autistic SJWs under 30.

  6. Like that brown cartoon isn't a big deal in a vaccum… But like they had change the colour of the corn to brown and draw a uniform on it… That's just the most subtle racism you'll see. Again, I'm brown and don't care, but it's just tiny little things to indoctrinate children with

  7. I find it interesting that people are saying "it's just a corn pop" while ignoring the fact that corn pops are yellow – unless they are burnt – and also ignoring the fact that Kellogg's has NEVER advertised burnt ass corn pops – but all of a sudden now they have ONE that's brown and the brown one is the only one cleaning up. It must be nice to have the option of turning your head and ignoring the fact that some asshole graphics guy clearly did that on purpose.
    Maybe next time they should have a white corn pop ruining the corn pop economy and asking the corn pop feds to bail them out with millions of corn pop dollars…or the white corn pop serial killing the other corn pops and burying the bodies under his corn pop house…wonder if they'll understand the problem with stereotypes then?

  8. Dont see the offence really people are way to PC now a days im surprised you all are not forcing tribes (not all)around the world to wear clothes. As it against your belief/policy/political view/religion/law GTFOH you would swear only black people have been slaves. If it was a white janitor nothing be said. Im Irish so dont say shit unless you look up Irish history steming back hundreds of years. Sure only recently in the last century signs on places read "NO BLACKS, NO DOGS, NO IRISH" Irish were regarded lesser than a dog. Again the world gone way to PC. ?????

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