Tạp chí Goop của Stephen Challenges 'Với' Covetton Cuarterly '


Stephen theo sau sự lãnh đạo của phong cách sống Gwyneth Paltrow bằng việc mở rộng "Covetton House" thành môi trường sinh lợi của tương lai: print ….


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  1. Steven should really do the Covetton House line, I bet it would be stellar. However, instead of making everything ridiculously expensive, it offer good quality designer men's fashion at the cost of manufacture and shipping, just to piss off the fashion industry.

  2. goop… the alternative covefe for flatearthers and evolution-deniers..
    Why do people use science ALL THE TIME, but then just decide for themselves somehow, that total bullshit is legit?! How the fuck does this work in their brains?!

  3. The sad thing is that there are people out there who would buy Paltrow's crap. I mean they would literally buy her crap, if she told them that smearing it on their face would eliminate wrinkles.

  4. I still want to know who the visual double-entendre genius is who thought of putting a picture of fields of rape in the background for this segment since it also ties in with the idea of corporations and/or charlatans raping money from people by selling them junk and/or worthless ideas. Brassica napus Linnaeus, aka rapeseed, rape, oilseed rape is a valuable crop, in spite of the unfortunate name. According to the Wikipedia article on Rapeseed: "It is the third-largest source of vegetable oil in the world."

  5. I really hate modern 'high society'. Technology allows us all to live like kings, yet these twits still manage to find expensive crap to let us all know they're loaded. Nobody gives a fuck! Go do something useful with your money!

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