Tháng 7 yêu thích 2016 | Zoella


Tháng yêu thích 2016 Video trước: Kiểm tra My Vlog: Các mục được đề cập trong Video: Hỗ trợ đầu tiên …


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  1. I love you so so much Zoe and I'm so proud of you been here since the beginning when you was uploading 60 things in you're room to just music haha you have helped me in so many way and probably more ways than you realise , keep doing what you are doing ???

  2. I kinda wanna move to England just because of the weather. I do love summer, but only for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. And I absolutely LOVE fall and winter. Also, I loved this video☺️

  3. Zoe omg I love strangest things it's the best thing ever because it's scary but so good it Make me want to watch then episode all over again!!! I recommend it so much!!!❤️?☺️

  4. Personally i don't like favourites (and i know i am watching this but i have to because it's Zoe) but i wouldn't mind watching any of your videos even if you are doing something i wouldn't usually watch . ?The end .

  5. Zoella! You are my biggest YouTube inspiration? I love you so so so much! Your so pretty and I love all of your videos! Of course we still love your month favourite videos?❤️

  6. Zoë thank you so much for telling me all your favourite products, they really help me. You've inspired me to do my makeup and I have gained more self confidence from the way I look. Also, you inspired me to get ombre hair ;D

  7. I really hope that Stranger Things is going to continue! I got into it and from what I saw, it isn't the end of the story, so there better be another season?

  8. I love favorites videos! Bc I like to shop so I like to see what other people buy so I can buy them and try them out!!!!! Lol I make favorite video idk if anyone sees them besides my friends but yea~ lol

  9. I think the reason I love your videos is because you are a genuine and lovely person ❤️ always put a smile on your fans' faces and you never fail to impress ? and congratulations on 11million subscribers ?

  10. LOVE your favourites videos Zoe you're one of the only you tubers that still does them and I love seeing what you've been using in the month!!!!!! Congrats on 11 million as well <3<3<3

  11. Favourites of the month is here i love them loadss so much they're amazing i love watching these videos because i get to learn and like know new things from here its all lovely honestly,Never stop doing these type of videos absolutely love them?.You look gorgeous lovely as always love your makeup.Have a great day and also a great day to everyone keep smiling stay strong. Love you loads zoella❤

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