Thuyền Trưởng Scott Kelly đã làm trên trái đất sau 340 ngày ở Orbit


Thuyền trưởng Scott Kelly, phi hành gia và người giữ kỷ lục trong hầu hết các ngày liên tiếp dành trong một không gian của một nước Mỹ, cho thấy điểm dừng đầu tiên của ông là …


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  1. I would head into space in a heartbeat if I could. There's some danger, sure.. and there is the risk of long term brain damage from cosmic rays… but we now know that it is no encumbrance to success, anyway.

    We have a brain damaged space cadet who stares into eclipses in the Oval Office… A fried neuron or two is nothing to worry about.

  2. I feel like they've given colbert such a great platform, and he's doing so little with it. I wish Conan could have gotten the spot instead. You can just tell that Colbert isn't really that excited about anything that falls outside of the agenda of his very specific interests like Lord of the Rings, or politics. He keeps talking about himself being a regular joe, and i appreciate him for the things he has done past, and present to bring attention to civil rights needs and movements, but he's just not the guy for a late night show. He's the guy for a political pundit parody show. I think he's a good late show host….i just don't think he's a GREAT late show host, but then again, maybe those are MADE and not BORN that way. I'm most definitely down to continue watching him along the path, i just hope there's a little more excitement and less of the acerbic-tinged humour. It's a little much at times and there really is more to life and probably more to HIS life than talking about the ridiculousness that is Trump. I think Trump does a good job of being funny all on his own and when Stephen's demographic turn on his show, maybe they'd prefer an hour or so of not having to hear about it all, every single show. Seth does a pretty great job at it, and by "great" i mean BETTER than Colbert, because he's just more relatable. You can't pay for that.

  3. He's the one that's getting married to Gabby Giffords right? edit I was wrong, his brother is the one with Giffords. Thanks to the people who corrected me!

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