Tiến sĩ Phil thảo luận về Harvey Weinstein, Sex Addiction


Tiến sĩ Phil không bị ấn tượng bởi Harvey Weinstein trong một tuần điều trị nghiện tình dục. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Dr. Phil can you just not care about ratings or upsetting people and just say things? Dancing around the topic you're obviously talking about is just silly.

  2. It's not sex addiction, Weinstein was on a power trip. Both Dr. Phil and Steve Colbert are morons for even talking about it and giving Weinstein's excuse veracity.

  3. And this is what old school psychology looks like..
    All hes doing is making some educated guesses that are on point quite a lot of the time, but he doesn't know why.

  4. I believe sex addict is real and does count as a disorder BUT how someone qualifies is much different. An assaulter doesnt get to mask as an addict bc there are sex addict who just have uncontrollable obsession with porn, masturbation and seeking consensual sex to the point it affects their productivity the same way food or drugs impact addicts. Weinstein is an assaulter not an addict. If he even were, his "addiction" hurt others so he should accept the repercussions instead using it to get a pass. Drug addicts are locked up and have families taken away, why should he be any different?

  5. They just learn from the therapist.. I watched it first hand. Trump is a narcissist and pathological liar, you will never change him so get rid of him!

  6. I think sex addiction can be a thing but you shouldn't use it as an excuse to cheat, as Phil was saying.. it's still a mental disorder to think sex with solve your problems though

  7. Are they seriously talking about Robert Heir the DSM and psychopathy on a regular mainstream talks show ?!
    You know whey're in a dire situation when all this becomes just casual conversation topics, like this is the modern world.

  8. Of course there is a thing called sexual addiction.

    You can be addicted to anything.
    People become addicted to drugs, alcohol, video games, exercise, food.. so why cant someone be addicted to sex ?

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