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Donald Trump tuyên bố là nạn nhân sau khi nó được tiết lộ rằng các chiến dịch Clinton và DNC trả tiền cho 'chống lại Trump Fake Tin tức Dossier'. Stephen …


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  1. Mr. Colbet you sir are a funny intelligent insightfull man, I just hope after twittler and the reich complete thier takeover we can be in the same concentration camp.

  2. Why does Jon keep cackling creepily in the background with his keyboard tinkles? So off-putting and weird. Yes he has professional accolades and I am sure is talented but on the show he basically just cackles and taps a few keys to punctuate the jokes. The Roots are a great fit for Jimmy Fallon for example. Stephen Colbert needs a better fit for a band for his show. The drummer is also cringe-worthy especially in the opening shots. Stephen Colbert is amazing and his show's band is just – off.

  3. Fuckin morons in the comment section wernt you libtards just saying trump was in bed with Russia?

    You fuckin people get more parhetic everyday. Keep spinning the truth, while we keep winning elections 😉

  4. so let me get this straight hc signed off on giving Russia 20 percent of uranium stockpile after a Russia oligarchy donated to her foundation (nothing to see here). but trump has shit fall into his lap from Russia (trump needs to be tried for treason). then Hillary and bush pays a forigen agent to dig dirt on trump which was so flimsy neither ran it until he won to (nothing to see here).

    neolibs contridict themselves

  5. Playing the party game makes no sense when it comes to dirty politicians. They are found on both sides of the aisle, in every demographic, gender, race, and age.

  6. I suspect that the majority of the republicans are all high from the Alzheimers drugs that they are taking, and they really are not sure what is happening around them, and probably they are taking excessive opioids themselves.

  7. So this is what the loosing side looks like huh? Seems about right. Instead of reviewing the tactics that lost you the election and allowed someone like Donald trump to win, you double down and continue to make your situation worse. Steven Colbert, you and your like is why Clinton lost.

  8. Oh, so NOW it`s ok to get damaging information; because it`s on Trump…

    Where was this when the DNC was shown to have rigged things in Hillary's favor as much as they could in the primary, from day one!?

    Trump being bad doesn`t make Hillary good. Stop blaming Russia for all your problems and get a proper democracy! A system with no; caucuses, party-specific registration, gerrymandering or corporate funding, and where a 3 million (a Norwegian voting base) popular vote lead doesn`t lead to a -77 electoral loss.

  9. Russia,Russians aren't anyones enemy.
    US leaders do more hurtful damaging things to Russia than vice versa and Russians don't call Americans their enemies.
    This is the over simplistic, self righteous, "we're #1", narrow mindedness that gets Trump elected and makes American tourists unwelcome.
    From not a Russian.

  10. It is baffling. The republican party has more power now than they had in ages, yet instead of focusing and using this power, they start to completely implode.

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