Cách thông minh để đi du lịch là với Hướng dẫn


Vượt qua sự kết hợp của tình yêu của tôi về Paris và tình yêu của tôi về sách hướng dẫn trong khi thưởng thức Paris Panthéon, tôi chỉ cần phải quay clip này nhỏ. (Điều này…


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  1. I love your content, but If you're not going mobile..you are behind the times friend. I have my entire trip planned through my phone. Google MyMaps, Google Trips and a mobile wifi hotspot is all you need 🙂

  2. Rick, I love your books, but where is the mobile app with a subscription service? (You could use the GPS tracker to give contextually relevant information most of the times).

  3. Foucault's Pendulum was supposedly built to instruct us on the rotation of the earth. But that's just a smoke screen, in reality it measures the Galllic Male Sexual prowess in the boudoir across Fair France.
    Vive la France and Happy Erections.
    Speaking of Happy Erections, Please do another video on the Tour Eiffel.

  4. As a millennial, I never go to Europe without one of Rick's guidebooks. I'm actually going to be in Paris in one week. It would be cool to see you there, Rick!

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