Michael Strahan Shakes His Booty for Charity


“Good Morning America” co-host Michael Strahan danced his behind off for Ellen as he raised money for Breast Cancer Research, courtesy of Ulta Beauty.


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  1. Ellen cute dog sweater…Its to throw us off right? I mean its not like you helped cover up the biggest mass shooting massacre in US history by giving that force fed interview with James Campos… If you weren't invested in MGM properties and maybe if you actually cared, you and the rest of the puppet Hollywood scum would demand to see the videos and footage of Steven paddock inside of Mandalay bay. But no everyone keep smiling and clapping like complete propaganda controlled idiots…

  2. Ellen…you have some explaining to do? Why do you handle all the crisis actors from events like Orlando? Why are you lying to the World about Las Vegas? Why are you disabling comments on those videos? Why are you committing treason against America?

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