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Đã bao giờ có một công cụ che dấu hiệu tốt hơn cái kia trong video này? Có lẽ không bao giờ. Một chút chăm sóc da, một chút của eyeshadow, và nhiều hơn nữa trong tháng này …


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  1. Just wanna mention with Shu Uemura cleansing oil, you do not need to double clean? because with another cleanser will wash off the perfect surface this cleansing oil provide?

  2. Can anyone recommend me a good oil cleanser that removes makes up very well , leaves it moisturized , brigthens up the skin , without leaving oil residue and of course that wont break me out !?
    I tried Boscia i like it and i have been repurchasing it
    but i want to try something new !
    i want try Shu Uemura , the one on this video but idk
    Can anyone please help me out ! : (

  3. Hi Jen. How do you balance taking care of your baby and taking care of your skin/putting on making? I'm just curious.
    You are beautiful inside out! Love you (:

  4. Jen, may I ask how often you wore makeup during your pregnancy? I'm from Asia and where I'm from people say you are not supposed to wear makeup at all during pregnancy. What's your take on that?

  5. You look radiant and bright! Love it! Love your nails, where is that gold shade from? I'm also having a hold-on-to-the-very-last-day-of-summer moment ^_^

  6. Thanks for sharing, Jen! I I also found some good products this month so cure my pore & complexion problems, so if you are interested come to check out my September Favorites video too! 😀

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