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  1. I love the song at the e difghe video. Since Marko is into slam poetry and you can play guitar, you should write more songs and put them at the end of your videos.

  2. There are times, and not just when you're performing on guitar, Alex, that you inadvertently channel a Prince vibe. Could it be in the eyes, too?

  3. Good to learn few things about you Alex, maybe in the future videos… tell us a little more about your taste in music??! I love all things rock and metal…. but also some others ie Classical… and so on… what about you?

  4. Sorry about your lip Alex, I never noticed until you said something. But about you liking to get your teeth scrape, yep you're weird for that one.???

  5. I wish I could click the "like" button more than once. Great info about you and I liked it all except the part about horseradish, which, contrary to what you say, is the elixir of life. 🙂

  6. Hay!!! I'm from Brazil and that's so nice you and your brother are into Portuguese! Whenever you want visit Brasília, tell us so we can show you around!

  7. Being a new subscriber and have seen only a few of your videos so far, I am overwhelmed at your life's experiences…when I was younger I had the opportunity to travel the world and maybe not the same as what you and your brother have done, but I would not take for the learning experience and had so hoped that my two sons would have benefited from the same but as it turned out, it wasn't to be, but your experiences are priceless…I look forward to seeing more of your work…thanks!

  8. I think it's cool that you have a Kiwi for a dad.  It's funny that you tried to talk in a kiwi accent, because I always thought it was a boring accent, seeing as I speak it all the time.

    Have you been to or are you going to Italy?  Now that I have ticked Cuba & Caribbean off my list I want to go to Italy.

  9. hey Alex, just realised that you are one day older than me, that could explain why I felt lots connections when watching the world you've been sketching from the video ha. I'm a Chinses, following Vaga bros for almost one years, now studying in Durham UK, and just started my exploring of the world, wish me luck!! Hopefully i could see you guys on the road one day, luv you and Marko, peace! ; )

  10. Even though I watched "Flight of the Conchords", it was at a conference in Manila when heard the Kiwi accent in person. It might depend on the region, but it sounded like a Brit trying to speak Australian. That might just be my American ears… and I get out of the country only every few years for my job.
    The Alchemist happens to be among the TBR books I bought when I was tagged to work near D.C. (among some history books), so I'll see what inspiration it holds.

  11. Hello from NZ! Just discovered your channel and love it. Your almond milk song sounds a bit like Flight of the Concords – have you heard of them? They're also Kiwis ?

  12. Cool one here, to learn small stuff about someone you always see on vids makes it feel like like a bit personal, and that makes it more human, person to person feeling. Muy buen español. También has vivido en San Sebastian, did you learn any Euskera? That is a hard one! I have family in the Basque Country and can speak a few stuff, but it's so hard!!

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