Chuẩn bị sẵn sàng với tôi! Chăm sóc da ngày mụn trứng cá | Ingrid Nilsen


Đây là những gì tôi làm vào buổi sáng vào những ngày khi tôi đang đối phó với một số mụn trứng cá + da probz! Tôi là một nửa của podcast phụ nữ!


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  1. Hey kiddo…in the title page of this video, is that the female reproductive system adorning your sleep shirt? Thanks for sharing…it’s fun to see all the cool stuff!

  2. I really like how raw and quiet this video is! Definitely different than most get ready videos I’ve seen. With this one, it feels like as if you are actually talking to me

  3. Girl, you need to get the Think Dirty app. We have rather similar skin, and that app is saving me. The Urban Decay setting sprays are SUPER BAD for your skin. It's literally poison. The Bobbi Brown setting spray is only a 2 on the dirty scale (1-10 ten being the WORST). Love your channel and just spreading some knowledge. <3

  4. Hey! So I first heard of you through your collab with BareMinerals because I bought the Be Your Best Self kit (love it btw! I use the bag to hold my everyday stuff too!) and I really enjoyed this video especially since most beauty gurus seem to have dry skin and I'm like you: oily and acne prone 🙁 I loved your video but can you maybe post the little word clips up a bit longer? They popped up so fast I could barely read them D:

  5. Hey Ingrid, I just wanted to let you know how much these videos impact me. I always feel different than many others around me and a lot of other beauty figures on the internet don't help much. But seeing you embrace yourself really inspires me. You are by far the first person I've seen that's face is also darker than your neck! Lol. Thank you so much and I love youuuu

  6. ive been watching a lot of these get ready w me videos lately and this is honestly the realest one ive seen, in such a pure way – like this is what someone actually doing their makeup is like in the morning. theres some glamorous lovely steps, and some whatever this is my life steps. love it!

  7. When I bought the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede cologne I literally gave away all my other perfumes as NOTHING is even as remotely good and I only ever use Jo Malone now. It's perfection in a bottle

  8. I loved her comment about wearing less makeup even if her acne shows through. She's right, we're all human, breakouts happen and we shouldn't feel like they're something we should be ashamed of. Thanks Ingrid!

  9. taking your dog to the restroom should've been the first thing you do when you wake up not all your face crap which is probably why it's breaking out so bad and FYI your makeup looked so greasy which is why your breaking out. Your face/makeup can wait your dog cannot any good pet parent knows this.

  10. I have fallen in love with the "new you" aka the "real you" this channel is so authentic and real. I'm seems like you have accepted who you are and are finally able to breath.

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