Hướng dẫn du lịch nghỉ dưỡng St. Lucia | Expedia (4K 60fps)


https://www.expedia.com/St-Lucia.d168.Destination-Travel-Guides Nổi như một giọt nước ngọc lục bảo giữa vùng biển Đại Tây Dương và …


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  1. A correction and an apology. Our editing crew were obviously so mesmerised by St. Lucia’s beauty, they let a rare production boo-boo slip through. The notorious buccaneer, Peg Leg Le Clerc, actually settled on Pigeon Island around 1550, not 1950 as stated in the voice over! We’ll let the offenders off this time, but if it happens again they’ll be walking the plank! ; )

  2. I've been to St Lucia and I live in Trinidad…..this stereotypical accent is just stupid.

  3. Cape Town and now St. Lucia… These are my dream places that I will definitely visit some day soon. Thank you for your great work, Expedia crew. You are the best! 🙂

  4. My and my dad were born here but my mom and sis come from Cuba and I never got to sèe it but in a whew days I will finally come home and I liked and subbed just because I loved this video I can't wait to see my family

  5. I have not taken a vacation from work until now.
    I already have more than 01 year of company.
    And I have not been given the vacation so far.
    I look forward to taking a vacation and would like to travel.

  6. please do Zurich or Geneva Switzerland please, your guides are awesome. please do Switzerland it's an awesome country in the middle of Europe and Zurich is the 2nd most livable city. I beg you

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