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  1. Hello kathleen from malaysia! Hye beauty! Kathleenlight i would like to request 1 video first impression toofaced natural love palette 2017.. hopefully u can give review for the palette.. love u so much kathleen!

  2. Can you please give us an update about Tarte Amazonian clay palette? Now, that you've used it more, I would be very curious to hear your thoughts.

  3. If your feeling like dandruff after hair sprays and stuff it's more than likely dry scalp or product build up flaking off. Dandruff is actually yellow green and smells really really bad

  4. The tarteiest palette is freaking awesome. Blends really well but don't hit the eyeshadow too hard with your brush cause there's a lot of kick up. It's not powdery or anything though. Still feels creamy.

  5. Hairstylist here. Concerning the dandruff conditioner. Fun fact, when most people tell me they have dandruff, they are most often telling me they are having little white flakes . This is actually dry scalp which can be fixed by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Dandruff on the other hand is big flakes which are often a more yellow color because it is caused by an overproduction of oil that creates yeast on the scalp (ick!) and that is when you are to use medicated shampoos or tea tree shampoos. People often confuse the two and use shampoos that are more drying on the scalp like tea tree and therefore aren't helping themselves at all. I did notice you said it happens after you use hairspray though which actually could just be product buildup. It resembles dry scalp with white flakes. A good clarifying shampoo would help that. Anyway though I hope what you bought has fixed your problem but just sharing some knowledge!

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