Tháng 7 yêu thích 2016


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  1. Hey Jenn! Did you move to new apartment together with Ben? I thought it was different from the last apt tour! hehe, You are such an inspiration, Jenn! xo

  2. Hi Jen, may i know what camera do you normally use to film? (not the vlog one) thank you.
    do you think you can film a video talk about all your digital equipments?

  3. Ugh I am so jealous of your hair color! I wish I was a lighter skinned asian I'm too tan/too much yellow pigment in my skin. Haha. You rock it well!

  4. Hey Girl! Do you ever mention a restaurant in your favorites?? For instance, your favorite KOREAN restaurant or dessert place? Would be interested to hear what your faves are locally…..wait, like a Jenn Im Cali travel guide 🙂

  5. You're so cheerful and fun to watch! I'm glad I found your channel. I tend to be pretty unimpressed with beauty gurus, etc. (I have high standards…) but I like your videos a lot. 🙂

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