Thông báo Dịch vụ Công cộng Bí ngô của Ellen


Đối với những người tranh luận xem có nên sử dụng em bé và một quả bí ngô vào mùa thu này hay không, Ellen có một PSA đặc biệt dành cho bạn.


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  1. Here is a PSA for you: don't be so hypocritical or you will get called on it and look like a fool.

    I love Ellen but that was a stupid move she made.

  2. Ellen is the lady I wouldn't trade for anything. She's knows what's important for one and she always try to do her possible best to see she accomplish that particular dreams for you. I'm move to say she's the mother of all nation lol. We love you Ellen ❤❤❤❤

  3. Dear, Ellen my name is nevaeh my mom name is Brandi we been trying to get on you show for a year to do a dance. I think my mom would be very proud of me for writing u

  4. To all of you people please don’t be rude to anyone because no one likes you when you are being rude so please don’t be rude to anyone ok and please care about other people and please treat them how you want to be treated ok

  5. I totally agree my Niece put her 11/2mo.old in a pumpkin sent it to me it wasn't funny She was crying her little head off,so I'm with you on that TY❤✌?

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