Thung lũng Rhine, Đức: Loreley đến St. Goar


Thông tin thêm về chuyến đi đến thung lũng Rhine: Ranh Rhine mạnh mẽ từ lâu đã trở nên nguy hiểm …


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  1. Hello Rick steve, I am big Fan of you. if you are still in Germany, and in Rhienland area, please give me an appointment, i just wanted to have an autograph of you and cup of coffee with you. Thanks

  2. hii rick i am a big fan of u and i had watched all of your videos and i noticed that you have never been into LATVIA (RIGA) one of the beautiful place in europe

  3. Rick, I can't believe you left out Heinrich Heine's famous and brilliant poem about the Fraulein of the Loreley: „Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten“!

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