Demi Lovato's Big Tour News


Ngôi sao nhạc pop Demi Lovato đã dừng lại để cho người hâm mộ của Ellen một đề nghị độc quyền cho chuyến đi sắp tới của cô ấy! Sử dụng mã ELLENDEMI để mua vé trên!


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  1. So true Ellen, I think everyone loves her even more after watching it. I'm just so proud and inspired by her and hopefully she can overcome all her battles.

  2. If I was in the audience I would be crying ? (tears of happiness) I love Demi ❤️ her documentary is amazing and her laugh is so contagious ??❤️❤️

  3. "I am going on tour" Audience cheers (probably scripted/forced cheer). Nobody is that excited to see Demi unless you're a teenager. If that was Beyonce, then that's a different story. You give away FREE tickets cause tickets ain't selling that great, let's be honest here.

  4. if anybody wants to go see Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled go on Ticketmaster type EllenDemi and the tickets are 29.99 each and the promotion ends on Friday because if you don't
    do this promotion the tickets that I saw we're 166 each person now if you have the money go for it

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