Jim Parsons và Iain Armitage Talk 'Young Sheldon'


Diễn viên Iain Armitage đã nói chuyện với Ellen về việc chơi phiên bản trẻ em của Jim Parsons trong "Young Sheldon" và nó giống như việc gặp Oprah vì …


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  1. I feel like the child is trying very hard to be mature and funny, unfortunately nothing he said was funny. And the mature and funny Ellen beside him made it even more obvious.

  2. He's just adorable and so mature for a 9 year old. I remember seeing Dakota Fanning on a late night talk show when she was 7 years old and she was also very mature for her age. The negative comments seem to be from people who see the glass half empty.

  3. I am loving Young Sheldon so far and it's great seeing Jim Parsons and Iain together in the same room. I hope Young Sheldon lasts for a long time because the first episode was so funny and thoughtful.

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