Mueller bắt giữ ba cựu quan chức Trump ở Nga Điều tra: Một cái nhìn gần hơn


Seth xem xét kỹ lưỡng những lời khuyên đặc biệt của luật sư Robert Mueller trong cuộc điều tra về mối quan hệ tiềm năng của chiến dịch Trump với Nga ….


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  1. if you want to make fun of trump go ahead but it's getting boring to listen to by now, but i can't believe you hire so stupid researchers at the late night show there are not aboul to read an indictment it took me under 10 minutes to find out what they where indicted for and i had to look up how to spell indictment and Manafort and it has nothing to do with Russia it's all about when the 2 where working for the Ukrainian president about offshore account, tax evasion, money laundering and working for a foreign government without registering with the right authorities. i hope one day you can get rid of trump but if the level of IQ is so low you can't even read a piece of paper or you're so political blinded that you can see when something is something and when something is nothing then you don't stand much of a chance and if thats the case you'll end up with god forbid 8 years with trump then you're realy in trubol

  2. this is getting more hilarious by the day. the different parties involved are all pointing fingers at the other guy trying to show how bad they are (in effort to make themselves look better in contrast), but it's only painting a pitiful picture of grade school kids justifying their behaviour to the principal. the only thing left now will be for the defined groups (R's, dems, investigators?) to break apart as things devolve further.. if only blaming others and finding fault actually solved the problem..

  3. The press treats the children good because they aren't vile toxic cancers that use foreign nations as campaign managers, and viciously lie about everything on a daily basis like you Mr. President… Hopefully none of those innocent children grow up to be like you.. You disgusting delusional senile Russian agent traitor… lololl ? ?

  4. convulsive… dear god at least he didn't make an inappropriate remark to one of the little girls, oh wait… I didn't wait till the end of the clip

  5. Hey, man Hillary Clinton has those bengazi emails and that ruskie urine niam deal. Too bad She's not President because she was under investigation.

  6. Do not understand why Manafort is in trouble just for making money doing peoples' laundry. The Steam Kleen shop in town better look out – I knew they were shifty bastards in some way.

  7. Gotta love how Trump still seems to be on the campaign trail, he still holds his rallies, he still deflects to Hillary. (even though a council investigated her emails and found no legal wrongdoing.) The uranium fearmongering is easily debunked if you haven't drunk the kool-aid, the Comey fix? really I mean c'mon he lost her the election there was no fix there, if there was we would have President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Meanwhile Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying about his contacts with Russia, and Manafort/Gates are currently being charged with 12 different charges ranging from money laundering to conspiracy, and while they may be 'not guilty' there was sufficient evidence to charge them and expect the charges to stick. No prosecutor in the history of prosecutors has ever leveled charges that might not stick ,add in that he is rich and knows people who are even richer and the level of evidence is raised considerably. Also to be clear Trump may not have known about Manafort's alleged connections however, if he had colluded with Russia and Trump didn't know about it that is some serious incompetency on Trump's part as a leader, and at which level of incompetency are we going to say "maybe we need someone more competent leading our country?" (I know Dems have been saying it since before Trump was elected but he was elected and now those people need to ask themselves that question…)

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