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Jimmy cố gắng thoát khỏi chu kỳ tin tức đáng sợ của Trump. Đăng ký NOW to The Tonight Show Diễn viên Jimmy Fallon: http://bit.ly/1nwT1aN Xem The …


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  1. This is Jimmy feeling the pressure of late night such as Colbert, Kimmel and Meyers and needs to talk about the inevitable trolling force of Trump to start boosting his ratings and audience numbers to keep up with Colbert and young people since a lot of audience for late night is young people and they like Trump and politics now also.

  2. Are Trump cultists aware that the entire rest of the world hates them and thinks they're stupid? It's like they're living in a hermetically sealed bubble through which facts and truth from the outside world cannot pass.

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