'Tis Mùa Vì tội phản bội: Một Giáng sinh rất Mueller


Ba vị vua đến mang vàng, kỉ niệm, và cây đàn hương; nhưng chỉ có jolly ol 'Robert Mueller có thể mang lại cáo buộc cho Manafort, King và Papadopoulos.


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  1. Trump is a classic "coat holder", who picks fights and steps aside to let someone else throw the punches. Unless it's a sucker punch at a FAKE wrestling match.

  2. It's amazing the stories Fox Newsers will believe to act like these arrests, etc are insignificant or unjustified. They just gulp up the Fox propaganda as true and that's it. Point to hillary about uranium and some dossier story that is irrelevant. I was naive to think they'd go down without a fight – but it's more of a puff of smoke like in cartoons.

  3. Conspiracy against the United States isn’t a treason charge it’s basically like an attempted murder charge but with money. So basically if you attempt to cheat the government out of money or property its a charge of conspiracy against the nation.

  4. You Liberals are fucking retarded. All of this implicates the Democrats and this fucktard Colbert acts like this proves Trump guilty. You sheep are disgusting.

  5. cough you realize that’s not treason right? Ofc liberal comedians don’t know their own laws. By definition they can’t know. Otherwise they would realize they have nothing funny to write about boring tax frauds. Lobbying is illegal when other people do it. Come up with some original would you?

  6. I honestly think your program is brilliant and is obviously the work of many contributors. So please tell those who are employed by you to make this a great show, that they don't have to keep cheering you. There contributions says it all. Thanks.

  7. Declaration:  October 30, 2017 officially to be known from now on as "Indictment Day."

    I really did not have high expectations of yesterday due to the gajillion disappointments that surround Teflon Don & Co. …but slowly,  I am perceiving waking up from this nightmare and realizing we have some adults in our DOJ!  

    Are you experiencing this strange feeling rising throughout YOUR system replacing frustration, anxiety and despair with something so new, so fresh and clean feeling? Have we been so  used to such a stench in D.C.?   I am trying to grok this fresh air reality that I thought had disappeared forever.  Mueller and team, you have left me utterly bewildered and bewitched today! Thank you, thank you, and congratulations to America!!  Happy Indictment Day!

  8. That may be my frenchness speaking, but i'd like to remind everyone that for more than a millenia, the favourite way of setting people's minds away from inner politics has quite often been to start a war. 🙂

  9. When this bizarre nightmare eventually ends , we need to give thanks to all the good folk at CNN , Steven , Jimmy Kimell and all the honest , good people who have exposed the orange racist and his bunch of lying scumbag supporters , and while all you whiny bitches start screaming "fake news" into their copy of mein kampf , we'll eat our popcorn and laugh our balls off.

  10. Gen Kelly showed the America he does not have to apologize to any Black people. it called white privilege. Kelly can say anything about black men or woman no matter how outrageous. This is who Gen Flynn is. Just like his boss

  11. Problem is. Even if Trump was 100% right about Clinton, "Someone else also did something bad" is simply not a good excuse. Ever! Especially not for a federal crime! How does it make you less guilty, if your campaign rival was also guilty of some crimes? Justice doesn't work like that…

  12. Here's a little freestyle (feel free to contribute a verse):

    Manafort, Gates and George Papadopoulos
    First three names, but Trump's gotta top the list
    Praying that Mueller will PLEASE put a stop to this
    Ain't no way that Trump's gonna cop to this

    Three blind mice got caught with the mustard
    American people are so damn disgusted
    Democrats, Democrats, let's all discuss this
    Won't be long before Trump gets busted

    Trump gets pumped says Dems are reaching
    "DO SOMETHING!" – Trump is beseeching
    Fox News quiet – Wonder where their speech went
    Let me help you out, Fox. Try "IMPEACHMENT"

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