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Vì vậy, rất vui khi được chia sẻ với bạn yêu thích của tôi trong tháng này! Có chăm sóc da an toàn khi mang thai, màu môi của cây anh túc, và một số bạn bè sang trọng … Kiểm tra của tôi …


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  1. You always have wonderful make up recommendations! Everything I've given-a-go, hasn't let me down; Thanks Jen! God bless you and the birth of your baby!

  2. Hi Jen! Just wondering if you ever posted a workout video of you and Cassey Ho doing workouts geared towards pregnant women. Would love to watch it because I love you guys both and I am also expecting! Thanks!

  3. the japanese mascara what I love also soooo much, it has its own remover which remove the mascara easily, its kinda bad, but The mascara works so well, so I will use it anyway.

  4. The first thing I noticed when played the video is the lipstick, its so gorgeous! and you earrings, Jen. Just love your new jewelry collection with a beautiful name Grace… Take care Jen 🙂

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