Billy Eichner kiểm tra khả năng của Stephen để xác định những sự kiện áp dụng cho Nhà Trắng của Trump hay bộ phim 'Hocus Pocus'. Billy Eichner là một con chuối ghét Tổng thống



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  1. This is Propaganda !
    The Real Story is Crooked Hillary will be in Jail soon & Hollywood is Filled with Pedophiles & Rapist like Cobert, Spacey, Singer ext.

  2. o wow someone bashing trump… so fucking edgy!
    i'm going as a white, cis, straight, christian male this halloween since it scares the shit out of you commie fags

  3. I wonder what the mail looked like. "We would like you to wear a banana costume and talk trash about different politics on national TV".
    Answer – Ok i'll do it

  4. Its literally something new each week with you people. He is the star of some disgusting gore freaks tv show and a flaming degenerate faggot to boot. You people all suck satans cock and don't even know it lol.

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