Chris Matthews Says Trump không thể bắn Mueller


'Bobby Kennedy: Một Raging Spirit' tác giả Chris Matthews giải thích tại sao bắn Robert Mueller về cơ bản sẽ nhận tội lỗi của Trump ….


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  1. What is he talking about, the terrorists want to remove freedoms. Is he on crack. All terrorists in history have a want a real need. They want change of some kind they want to make their lives better. So ask yourself why they think you are making their lives worse.

  2. wow, most inspiring interview I've seen in a long long time — teared up at the book photos/Matthews' descriptions then Stephen choking all the more, wow. A t.v. book pitch I am actually going to buy…

  3. I thank God for exposing the truth about AMERIKKKAN TERRORISM, it's in the whitehouse and plagues the law enforcement if that's what you want to call them.

  4. That's why Trump and Fox and friends are trying to generate another false narrative as a diversion to make Mueller look guilty of the Hillary uranium nothing burger.
    It might have caused some delay if Trump didn't lie 5 times a day.
    Remember the boy who cried "wolf"?

  5. Apparently that "big fat nothing burger" that's been cooking on the Russian fire is ready to be served up to trump and the alt-right zombies. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it is well-done and I hope with a HUGE side of crow. Two arrests, with more to come, is not the result of a hoax, witch hunt or FAKE NEWS! It is proof that a foreign power, assisted by americans and HIGHLY PROBABLE, the President of the United States, attacked the very heart of Our Constitution and our anger and outrage should be directed towards finding out the TRUTH, punishing the guilty and ensuring that we put into place safeguards to prevent it from ever happening again.

  6. Trump cannot fire Mueller, only the acting Attorney General can fire him, that means sessions can’t fire her either because he has recused himself and is also under investigation, And I guarantee you the acting Attorney General does not want to bring suspicions to himself and will not fire Mueller

  7. Terrorists want to close down a free society and to have us hate the muslims and this does their work for them as they believe Muslims living in other countries, living in freedom, are their true enemy. They want us to hate them and by doing such we do their ugliness for them. Those who hate muslims are the tools of terrorists.

  8. The truth is that seeing the mess in the White House anyone feels like crying. I miss the era of Obama when we were certain that we were in good hands under a great leader who cared for all of us.

  9. Powerful stuff! As a non-usa citizen, i gotta say Chris got it right when he said that others used to be jealous of USA but now we just feel sad for USA. May Trump be out asap.

  10. R. F. K. Would have been a FANTASTIC POTUS! In an alternate reality I envision that he lived, helped change our country and world for the better, and the abomination that resides in office now would never even come to be.

  11. Do you wanna know all the evidence you need to know Trump got Russia to help him win? If he had nothing to hide why else is he so outspoken NOT to look into it, theres nothing to see so dont look. If theres nothing to see Donny then what are you afraid of us finding?

  12. Piss off the world used to be jealous of america! Youre the most hateful, violent, sexist, racist, shoot first ask questions later people on the planet and you dont even have free health care. Get over yourselves America because even before trump the world had no jealousy for you only pity.

  13. I'm pretty young and just started following politics in the past year or two. I didn't really know anything about Bobby Kennedy but seeing Stephen choke up like that towards the end really shows how influencial of a figure he was. Seeing someone care that deeply about a politician today would be pretty rare.

  14. Bobby Kennedy was my very first political memory. I remember when he was assassinated and it still sucks to this day what we missed as a country because he wasn't here.

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