Fox News Ducks Câu chuyện về những lời buộc tội của Robert Mueller


Stephen không thể không nhận thấy rằng Fox News và 'Real News Tonight' đã đưa ra những cáo buộc của Robert Mueller rất giống nhau. Trong đó, họ hầu như không …


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  1. "Millennials are ruining Halloween", istg Fox News and all their brainwashed Baby Boomer viewers need to get a fucking life. Get a hobby, start exercising, do anything but let the younger generations live in fucking peace. We get it, you hate us. Believe me, we hate you just as much.

  2. Hey, Fox "News"…  Ever since you gave up your ludicrous "Fair and Balanced" slogan, you've probably been looking for a replacement.  And I think I have your answer:

    Fox News:  "Bb, bb, but, HILLARY!"

  3. No solution can be reached if there is a constant divide in the people. Why do you think the News, and all mainstream show hosts continue to INSIST that we must be at odds with one another. If you don't agree, you piss the the idiots off that worship these TV personalities. If you do agree, you piss the people off that are pissed off at TV personalities. If you are pissed off 24/7 at a created blanketed opposition that isn't a group of individuals in reality but a contrived idea of what anyone who opposes you falls under. The news is capable of doing this to you, playing with your mind. They could claim Pepsi to be a left or right drink, lets say left,ok. Then they'll claim the legal Rape of children to be an attribute of the left's political ideals. So now the person on the right HATES everyone who claims the left, even the ones who ONLY favor a different soft drink than he does. See how this works. Step back and take an outside look at how ridiculous we all look. Now try to understand how the news and mainstream media have attributed to all this division. Now take a look at who owns the media, look at their ideology, there is no empathy for anyone, they are in power to remain in power, to remain in control over all these ignorant people fighting day and night like cats and dogs.. with their neighbors, family members, fellow Americans …. How can you ever, EVER expect to see peace and happiness in your life if you are giving in to the Hatred they are giving you towards your fellow man?

  4. Fox has better ratings than, msnbc,CNN,n HLN combined ,, everything's a racial injustice wit these channels.. secure the boarders more- racism… yeah OK.

  5. I can't stand this liberal loser,, let's talk about Trump for a hr.. hey at least the Democrats stick together no matter what, IL give me that. Fact is Obama was the worst president ever. Did nothing for anyone but himself,was supposed ta be the savior?! Lmfao

  6. And Cobert is ducking the firing of Mueller of being a fraud and the congress trying to put a shield Mueller from political boot licking. Mueller is going to be fired or step down and admit wasting time at the tax payers expense.

  7. "It's all Millennials fault!"
    "Well who raised us?"
    "If you'd stop playing video games and…"
    "Like you watch the 1-sided TV shows & news because it agrees with what you wanna hear?"
    "When I was a kid we were raised differently!"
    "Well who raised us?"
    "Well if you'd quit…"

    And the cycle continues. Our "Baby bust" or "Gen Y" parents got everything they wanted, when they wanted, as soon as it was made.

    And all we want to do is make a living income without working 80 hours only to get lung cancer from the previous generation's cigarettes and asbestos, or die alone in a fucking nursing home!

  8. You understand whatever "side" you claim is just as against you as the opposing side? "Fox news is sooo fake, Fox News is for idiots, I'm smart, I watch CNN"..please understand that all the Mainstream News Organizations are SHIT..You're surprised Fox News is biased? Where have you been for the past 25 years? You think the other news orgs. aren't biased? You're lying to yourself.

  9. I nearly lost the ability to breath seeing them rapidly interrupting eachother with 'breaking news'. Too funny! 😀
    Never eat a tootsie roll pop while watching something like this.

  10. Jill, Jim and main stream media are the animals at the petting zoo that is regularly frequented by th tail sniffing corrupt politcians.
    Though I must admit late night with weasel Colbert are all very good at splicing, cutting and projecting.

  11. Speaking of that "roadside petting zoo" at Fox, I wish that Manafort had laundered money by having his assistants take it on old-timey caravans through the Arabian Desert. Then, maybe the title of this would have been "Fox Ducks Camel Gophers." 🙂

    Sorry, but if I were any good at this, I'd probably be working for Colbert, myself, huh?

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