John Kelly Nghĩ Cuộc nội chiến sắp 'thỏa hiệp'


Nhà Trắng Tham Mưu Trưởng mất một break từ bảo vệ phân biệt chủng tộc hiện đại ngày nay của Mỹ để bảo vệ phân biệt chủng tộc trong suốt lịch sử nước Mỹ. Theo dõi …


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  1. You dear man and Kelly have followed so long now, that your actual opinions are lost to comfort of the Dollar! Fact is always more important than feelings! Facts enhance feelings; and feelings delude Facts! Beautiful delude*rrr. Still love ya!

  2. WRONG… John Kelly lied for Trump and made false statements… proved by video … Remember when four Americans killed by terrorists was a big deal?… Donald Trump : "He knew what he was getting into"… How come the same philosophy was never used on the Benghazi attack.?… Lost all my respect for John Kelly… He's now an "empty barrel" like Donald Trump.?

  3. I can't stand Trump or anyone in the White House now and I am certainly lean liberal, never thought I would say this but I think they are right on the Confederate statue thing. They are part of our heritage and remind us daily of ALL the brave and not so brave men who died for what they believed in. I am from Missouri, a border state during the war and we have one statue with a Union soldier and a Confederate soldier on the same statue. Try and take that one down and see what happens.

  4. Those statues should be taken down. And Lincoln tried to compromise for years with the south for years before South Carolinians attacked a federal fort and started that war.

  5. Why is he getting involved in this discussion, the details of which are complex? It is of course just to add distraction! He no more believes half of what he says here, than he truly respects Trump……he is grasping desperately at straws to maintain a modicum of dignity in the face of an absolute farce, and he is failing miserably!

  6. Sure this is funny, but remember Lincoln only freed the slaves because the North was going to war against the South regardless so there's so truth. The north wasn't just fighting for slaves' freedom.

  7. The civil war did happen because of a lack of compromise. The north wanted more federal power to restrict states rights and the south would not have it. Most of the southern economy relied on slavery and though it was a terrible system, if every slave walked off their plantations the day it was abolished, half of the country would have been bankrupted and there would have been food shortages in many areas. The little known truth about slavery in America is that most slaves lived on small farms with 2 or maybe 3 other slaves and they were treated well. They typically worked alongside their masters and ate their meals with them. When people think about American slavery, they picture sprawling plantations with hundreds of slaves, and the truth is that these plantations represented a minority of slave holdings. Once you learn this fact, it makes a whole lot more sense why most slaves never left their farms after slavery actually was abolished, and why most would never try to escape. They were family. And more than 10% of slaves never worked a farm. They were owned by artisans and business people. Were they forced to be there? yeah. Should people be able to own other people? No. And nobody in 2017 America supports slavery. But the truth is the slaves who were brought here became slaves back in Africa, when other Africans captured their tribe, which has been happening in Africa since the advent of agriculture. So if they were going to be slaves anyway its actually better that they were American slaves, because their descendants live in the most prosperous and racially tolerant country to EVER exist. Lincoln did not even want to end slavery, he did it as a political move when he knew he had no options left. Colbert just wants a reason to attack John Kelly, an american hero. So he goes on tv and whitewashes history to all his lefty fans and they eat it up because it's insulting someone on the other side of the aisle. Honestly fucking pathetic

  8. Fact about slavery. The US only had 5% of the slaves in America. Caribbean and south America had more than 90%. Difference is US = Cotton, Caribbean + South = Sugarcane

  9. I really can't believe this. Just goes to show you if you in the right family with the right amount of money you can be a fucking retard and be a pooitician

  10. John Kelly has gone down the slippery slope that this administration has created and there is no way of climbing back up. Your integrity was all you had and you have lost that. Sad!

  11. "Your arguments are thin. Your ignorance of reality is shocking. Your double-standards are offensive, and your willingness to blindly support him and recycle the rhetoric is absurd. Your opinion is not fact. Your memes are not news articles. And your hypocrisy is not a platform". . . Quote from Alex Schiller . . . Damn I wish I'd said that.

  12. Thank you Colber for actually giving us access to your show here in the UK, unlike the dirty fucks at The Daily Show who gave us a taste early on, then made it unavailable in the UK. What exactly do you get from making an American current events show that airs daily unavailable outside America? It's not like it's going to cut into you Daily Show DVD sales.

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