Mark Ruffalo được phát trực tuyến Một sớm 'Thor' Screening


'Thor: Ragnarok' sao Mark Ruffalo là một Instagrammer hiểu biết, nhưng anh đã học được cách cứng cách nhấn vào nút 'stop' trên một dòng video trực tiếp ….


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  1. Hey all you leftist pedophiles your all fucking jokes all of your idols fuck little kids or support people that do you bunch of sick cunts go off yourselves and do the children of this world a favor

  2. "Should I k___ myself or watch Stephen Colbert?" From Johnny Carson's best joke: "Should I k___ myself or go bowling?" Late-night is so last century, stopped watching mid-90s. How lazy & uneducated do you gotta be, to watch late-night TV and find it funny? Johnny agreed when Sammy Davis Jr said, there's someone like a car mechanic in Detroit, funnier than him, Johnny and all of them put together. I'm that guy.

  3. It always gets me when he's interviewed. I expect him to talk like Dr Banner does, but then I remember he is much more soft-spoken in real life

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