MEXICO CITY TOUR IN 360 ° | Hướng dẫn du lịch 4K


Chúng tôi tham dự một chuyến đi 360 độ xung quanh một số địa điểm thú vị nhất ở thành phố Mexico – Hãy nhìn quanh và khám phá thành phố với chúng tôi! WATCH IN 4K SUBSCRIBE …


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  1. Fun. We've done a few 360videos and know how much time it takes to stitch everything. It's very different style than regular vids. Awesome job and thanks.

  2. In memory of Casey Neistats Vlogs…. The medium of any profession is not to adhere to those standards of previous generations but to further defined what is possible

    Okay I don't remember it exactly so I made some of it up…. But can anyone find the vlog where he said this? It was in one of his Q&A sessions…

    Also I bring up what he said since I feel this channel is exploring film making which is an incredible feat. Great video guys

  3. Really cool video! Did you use the Samsung 360 gear for this? Also, the video looked better when the camera was stationary. Maybe in the future don't move as much. Still a nice video

  4. It's been years since I've been to Mexico City, it was nice to see everything again and be able to experience it even if it was through a screen. Thank you!

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