Papadopoulos Monologue-opoulos


Stephen vẫn là "muell" – đối với ba chiến dịch của Trump đối mặt với cáo buộc của Robert Mueller, đặc biệt là người có thể …


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  1. I am good at observing peoples body language and I beg you to look closely at Huckerbee and observe on how not lie to in front of the press.

    a) Believe what you say makes perfect sense
    b) Never defend someone who doesn't stick to the garbage he utters and changes his story every 5 sec.

  2. This show sucks because it can only focus on one lie at a time. Maybe practice before production. Keep you from looking like a one trick puppet.

  3. It has been a very Scarey year so far. Women and minorities, of all sorts have been attacked, there has been a real hostile corporate
    take over of policy, health insurance premiums will be sky rocketing, social security and 401k programs are starting to inch toward the chopping block, income tax reform is a joke and again only benefits the top 1%,
    and Dodd/Frank regulations will be repealed or executive ordered out of existence which means the middle class will continue to bail big business out of financial distress while they continue to write themselves big bonuses.
    Anyone who doesn't see what is happening is foolish. And anyone who doesn't vote to counter the power of the executive branch in 2018 hasn't been paying attention.
    This is a brick by brick dismantling of a democracy.

  4. just find it interesting when Trump supporters are all " Get over it you lost!!!" then proceed to bring up Hillary in some instances… I think some of Trump's bipolar disorder is brushing off on them

  5. When I came to the US to study, from France, over a decade ago, you, Sir, and Jon Steward basically taught me English. You were funny, you were poignant, and you told people things they wouldn't hear about elsewhere.


    There are other things going on in the world.

  6. Trump as president is way more powerful to go down, so from his point of view it's a nothing burger. He'll be reelected in 2020 like a walk in the park 'cause he still has his supporters.

  7. home deport truck cycle path jihadist

    72 virgins (recycled) waiting perpetual virgins waiting perpetually did anyone tell these jihadist why there are so many virgins in jannah . Put the reason on big billboards everywhere . On every t shirt everywhere. On every mosque door. And on every comedy show. Virtually no more jihadist will dream of 72 virgins in jannah. Yup prrrtty ugly virgins look a bit like transgender bearded virgins in our prisons that had turn gay

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