Tháng mười yêu thích 2016! ◈ Ingrid Nilsen


Đây là tất cả những điều tôi yêu thích tôi đã sử dụng gần đây! Nghe podcast mới của tôi Ladies Ăn trưa! Mới …


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  1. Ingrid I love your videos! I find them so relaxing and I like how you continue to make videos that make you happy because they are my favorites! I prefer these over high saturated life hack videos, thank you so much for making my days better by watching you videos. <3

  2. I definitely remember those Lion King spoons!!!
    …There might still be one at my parents house. Those random childhood things from the 90's!!

  3. Can't remember what cereal it was (maybe something like rice crispies..) and I had one of those spoons! You never get as excited for cold milk as you did then.. Awesome spoons.

  4. Hi Ingrid,

    I have just found you and I had to a lot of catching up to do watching all your videos. I have just watched the one packing your suitcase and I wanted to ask which size of the Eagle Creek Folder Garment box you are using? S or M?
    Thank you!

  5. Downton Abby is the best show of all time in my opinion. I know exactly the part your speaking of. I also love the the part where she responds to Lady Mary's arrogant fiancé. When he says that she wouldn't be seeing anymore of him Lady Grantham says "Do you promise?"

  6. I absolutely adore everything about this video. You look absolutely stunning and your genuine attitude that's so down to earth is so refreshing. I was wondering to ask what's the style of your haircut because as it grows longer it looks more and more appealing.

  7. Love your videos! As a uni student with a fairly low budget I'd love an update on cheaper skin care and make up products you can recommend 🙂 Take care!

  8. Not sure if anyone's said this to you, but I've heard it as zo-ee-va instead? Who knows. Either way this was so funny, so glad you found this brand! great video as per usual

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